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Annandale Family Medicine believes it is vital that all of us take charge of our health and actively pursue the means necessary to achieve and maintain overall wellbeing. We serve as a guide in helping our patients understand not only the importance of good health but also any relevant disease processes and treatment measures, as well as important preventive measures.

Wellness Brothers
My Wellness Brothers

Helping People Live
Longer Healthier Lives

Through much research and clinical experience, My Wellness Brothers have found a handful of key factors that influence your health and how you can optimize them with little effort. My Wellness Brothers are revealing the secrets to never needing medications and to living a longer, healthier life through the world’s finest products available today.

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Transformation Enzyme

It’s time for a Transformation.

Eating right is not enough. Our ability to digest that food and deliver those nutrients to the cells is the key. Support the health of all 11 body systems with Transformation Enzymes Corporation’s enzyme-based formulas.* The demand has never been greater for Transformation™!

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Medical stethoscope and prescription form

Free Prescriptions For Everyone!

Prescription drug prices have skyrocketed over the last few years to the point people can no longer afford them. You shouldn’t have to choose between feeding your family or taking your medications. We have created a new concept where you actually PAY NOTHING for your prescriptions. Through strategic partnerships and our buying power, we can get you access to the most used generic medications for FREE!

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